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What does it mean to be part of the uOGlobal Community?

The uOGlobal community is made up of former program participants who have developed their global skills through certification. Being part of this community demonstrates social commitment and global citizenship values.

The uOGlobal community is committed to the improvement of local and international situations and works actively in favour of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

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uOGlobal Seminars 2019- 2020
uOGlobal Seminars 2018- 2019
2018-2019 Recognition Ceremony

uOGlobal articles

Connecting locally and globally through uOGlobal

Sheyenne Waal, a teacher candidate in the Faculty of Education, reflects on the workshops she attended as part of the uOGlobal recognition program’s first cohort. The program seeks to provide students with intercultural experiences, at home and abroad, to better prepare them to succeed in today’s global economy.

Opening uOttawa wider to the world

Adel El Zaïm joined uOttawa in August 2018 as chief internationalization officer. In January 2019, he also became president-elect of the Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA). His election marks the first time the US-based organization with members in 120 countries has chosen a non-American president. We sat down with El Zaïm recently to ask him about uOttawa’s internationalization strategy...

Thinking Ahead, Giving Back

Students have a potential new source of funding for projects: the Thinking Ahead, Giving Back program, sponsored by Chartwells, the company that provides food services on campus. Chartwells is aiming not only to provide food, but also, through this project, to enrich campus life by supporting initiatives that promote experiential learning, the student experience and good mental health. To start, Student Life has identified a few projects that Chartwells has funded, either in whole or in part...

Power Corporation gift nurtures global citizens

Students at uOttawa will soon have new opportunities to gain the international experience needed to succeed in today’s global economy, thanks to a generous gift from Power Corporation of Canada...

Inspiring tomorrow’s global citizens

The new uOGlobal recognition program gives uOttawa students a competitive edge in today’s international labour market. It’s also enriching their lives...

Shaping tomorrow’s global workforce

It can be tough to compete for jobs in an increasingly interconnected world in which technology evolves at such a rapid pace. Those who will thrive in the workforce of tomorrow will need a twenty-first-century skillset that includes critical thinking, teamwork, innovation and cross-cultural communication, abilities that are highly prized by business and that allow graduates to succeed in today’s global labour market...

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