Become an active global citizen

The uOGlobal recognition will help you set yourself apart in the eyes of employers because you’ll be better prepared for working in a global labour market.

In an era of globalization and automation technologies, employers are looking for people with intercultural skills and global citizenship values.

Employability forums emphasize that students must acquire 21st-century skills and focus more on critical thinking, communication skills and social perspectives.

  • 77% of CEOs say they are concerned that skills shortages could affect their companies' growth. To fill the gaps, they need to be able to recruit from anywhere - making internationally educated, knowledgeable and mobile workers highly valuable.
  • 82% of hiring managers say employees with international experience enhance the competitiveness of their company.
  • 72% say recruits with international experience perform better in their jobs than other employees.


Go beyond your academic experience!

The uOGlobal recognition acknowledges the skills you acquire through intercultural and international experiences, both in Canada and abroad. If you are taking language courses, volunteering or mentoring in a multicultural setting, have already participated in an international exchange or a CO-OP placement, you already meet some of the requirements for the uOGlobal recognition.

In order to obtain the recognition, you must have participated in at least four experiential activities in an academic or work context.

The recognition will appear on your official transcripts and you will also receive a certificate at the end of the program to validate your work and achievements. Moreover, students enrolled in the program will be invited to exclusive events and a VIP career fair.

The uOGlobal recognition's unique approach hones global skills and promotes the values of a global citizenship through training that fosters insight, such as cross-cultural workshops and on-site learning experiences so that you are ready for a global labour market.

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