General questions about UHIP and the additional health and dental insurance? Please watch video 1, video 2, and the presentation.

I am not in Canada, can I be reimbursed for my UHIP fees?

All international students have been charged UHIP on their fall 2021 statement of account.

International students studying online outside Canada, wishing to have a UHIP credit on their uOttawa statement of account, will have to sign a declaration and request form. The UHIP exemption request form will be sent by the end of November. Conditions for the exemption will be stated in the email. Please wait for the email in November and follow the instructions. Students who declare they are outside Canada and have their UHIP exemption approved will not be able to access the UHIP insurance coverage.

Please note that the International Office only handles the UHIP insurance (provided by Sun Life Financial) and it does not cover medication, dental, vision, and some specialist services.

For undergraduate students, the additional health and dental insurance, which covers medication, dental, vision, and some specialist services, is handled by the University of Ottawa Students’ Union and provided by Studentcare. Please communicate directly with the University of Ottawa Students’ Union or Studentcare.

For graduate students (masters, PhD students, etc.), the additional Health and Dental insurance (Greenshield), which covers medication, dental, vision and some specialist services, is handled by the GSAED. Please communicate directly with the GSAED for details on the coverage the complementary insurance.

Please communicate directly with InfoService for questions about any other fees on your account.

Why haven’t I received my UHIP coverage card?

Only the students who have paid their UHIP fees in full will receive the UHIP card sent by email, as a pdf, directly to the student’s uOttawa email account, by Sun Life. Please note that it takes 10 business days, after the university receives the UHIP payment, to receive the UHIP card by email.

Please note: since uOttawa has extended the due date to pay the fees to Oct. 2nd, students can make an appointment at the uOttawa Health Clinic and all they need to do is present their student card and a copy of their uOttawa statement of account that shows the UHIP charge on it. These special measures are good until Oct. 15th.

How do I add my spouse and children to my UHIP account?

In order to add dependants to the UHIP account, students need to send an email (with the title: Add dependants) to with a copy of the dependants’ passport page that includes name, gender, and date of birth as well as the page with the entry stamp to Canada. Please note that it is mandatory to add spouse and children to the UHIP account within the first 30 days of their arrival in Canada; otherwise, there is a $500 late enrollment fee.

I need to see a doctor, what do I do?

If you have received your UHIP card – Please go to the website in order to find a clinic or a doctor. By accessing the Sun Life Preferred Provider Network , you’ll find a health care provider close to you that recognizes the UHIP plan as valid health insurance coverage.

Please note: since uOttawa has extended the due date to pay the fees to Oct. 2nd, students can make an appointment at the uOttawa Health Clinic and all they need to do is present their student card and a copy of their uOttawa statement of account that shows the UHIP charge on it. These special measures are good until Oct. 15th .

If you have not received your UHIP card yet – Usually students can see a health care provider without their UHIP card and pay for the consultation. Afterwards, once they receive their UHIP cards, they can submit a Claim form to Sun Life to request a refund.

I have been admitted to a hospital, what do I do?

Please communicate with the International Office ( and with Sun Life ( within the first 48 hours.

Why did I receive a bill to pay when I went to the hospital and presented my UHIP card?

It is normal to have additional fees that are not covered by UHIP when you go to the emergency room and/or submit a claim form for reimbursement. Sun Life refunds at 125% of the OHIP Schedule of Benefits and fees. If a doctor charges more than UHIP refunds, the student will be responsible for paying the difference.

Who do I contact when I have questions about UHIP?

1: Questions for the International Office (to be sent to

  1. Eligibility questions

  2. Enrolling your dependants

  3. Changing your coverage

  4. UHIP premium questions

  5. Applying for a refund of premiums

  6. To update your name, date of birth, email or address

  7. Confirmation of UHIP coverage letter

2: Questions for Sun Life (to be sent to or by Toll-Free phone 1-866-500-8447: Monday to Friday 8:00am to 8:00pm ET) 

  1. Information about what is covered under UHIP

  2. How to submit a claim

  3. Information about your UHIP claim

  4. If you need help with registering for

  5. If you are having trouble accessing

  6. How to print your coverage card on

Who do I contact when I have questions in regards to the Additional Health and Dental insurance?

1: Undergraduate students: University of Ottawa Students’ Union (Studentcare)

2: Graduate students: GSAED

I have OHIP, RAMQ or other provincial health card. How can I have my UHIP fees removed?

Please send an email to with the title: I have provincial health coverage, please remove UHIP, and add a copy of your provincial health card. The removal of the UHIP coverage and fees will take about 10 to 15 business days. Please note that no reimbursement will be made for previous or current terms. Exemption will only start with the start on the following term.

How to get your COVID-19 vaccine in Canada?

The information on COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Canada is evolving quickly. Here is the most recent information for international students residing in Quebec, in Ontario, or elsewhere in Canada.

We are aware that some students are having trouble booking COVID-19 vaccination appointments. We will share any updated information on this topic as soon we receive it.



For international students who reside in Quebec, visit the Quebec government’s COVID-19 website for the latest updates and instructions on getting vaccinated. You will need to bring a provincial health insurance card (RAMQ) or an ID card for identification. If you do not have a health insurance card, you can still get vaccinated. Do not bring your UHIP card.



For international students residing in Ontario, the University of Ottawa has received confirmation from the Ontario Ministry of Health that patients who are not insured through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), including University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) members, are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine at no cost, regardless of where it is administered.

Currently, no private clinics in Ontario are administering the vaccine, but this may change. When and if this changes, UHIP members, such as international students, should not be charged a fee because these physicians will be instructed to bill the Ontario Ministry of Health directly.


Outside Quebec or Ontario, but inside Canada

International students residing in Canada but not in Ontario or Quebec may be charged a fee. If so, the UHIP member should contact for instructions. This means that UHIP members may be charged by private clinics outside Ontario once these offices are allowed to administer the COVID-19 vaccine. 



UHIP member living in Ontario

Who pays?

Primary care settings (e.g. family doctor, campus clinic)

  • Community walk-in clinics



Government of Ontario

  • Member should not be charged any fees
  • if a fee is charged, the member should contact for instructions


  • Members should go to Ontario’s provincial vaccine appointment website to find out when, where, and how they can book a vaccine appointment.
  • Each public health unit, mass vaccination site, and pharmacy in Ontario has its own booking requirements.  Some online booking portals require a provincial health card number.
  • If the online booking process requires the patient to enter a health card number, the member should call the booking centre to schedule their appointment by phone and notify the centre that they are not currently covered by OHIP.


UHIP member living outside Ontario or Quebec but inside Canada

Who pays?

  • Mass vaccination sites
  • Mobile or pop-up clinics
  • Public health units
  • Designated pharmacies


Provincial government

  • UHIP members should not be charged any fees


  • Primary care settings (e.g. family doctor’s offices)
  • Community walk-in clinics


We are not aware of any primary care settings that are currently administering vaccines.  All UHIP members should be going to a public facility.  If they are charged a fee, the member should contact


UHIP or provincial government

  • Eligibility requirements are different in each province and are continually changing
  • A member may be charged a fee on site and this fee may be more than the UHIP reimbursement. 
  • Members will need to complete and submit a claim to SunLife for reimbursement.
  • The maximum amounts reimbursed by UHIP when the sole reason for the visit is to receive the vaccine are:


If the vaccine is administered by a doctor

If the vaccine is administered by a nurse practitioner

G700: $7.00

G593: $16.25

Total UHIP reimbursement: $23.25

G700:  $5.60

G593: $13.00

Total UHIP reimbursement: $18.60


(Note: G700 and G593 are the OHIP fee codes when the sole reason for the visit is to receive the COVID-19 vaccine)




What is the impact of a leave from studies for an international student?

For the impact on your University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) coverage eligibility, please contact the International Office:

Please note that taking a leave of absence may also impact your immigration status as an international student in Canada. For more information, please consult the Immigration FAQ page (link the Immigration FAQ page text with this link:

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