Ontario Health Insurance

If a student or any dependant is covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) or another provincial health insurance plan, the student needs to provide the International Office with a letter from the provincial program confirming coverage, prior to the effective date of the OHIP coverage. If the provincial program does not provide such a letter (Quebec’s RAMQ, for example), the student needs to bring the provincial health card to the International Office as soon as he/she receives it. In this case, the UHIP premiums will be reimbursed, if applicable.

If the student fails to provide a proof of provincial coverage by way of a letter from the provincial program or the provincial health card prior to the effective date of UHIP coverage, no reimbursements will be made retroactively for previous terms.

In the case of a reimbursement, the insurer alone will determine the amount of any premiums to be reimbursed (i.e., full or partial premiums).

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