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Sponsored students at the University of Ottawa are students that are fully funded for their studies by their government or a third-party organization. This financial support usually includes tuition, incidental fees, health insurance and living expenses.

The University of Ottawa’s Sponsored Student Sector at the International Office is a centralized entity that facilitates communication between the sponsor, sponsored students, as well as the university’s offices and departments.

Note: The Sponsored Student Sector does not provide funding to students. Our office provides support to students who have either already obtained or will be seeking third-party sponsorship funding to attend the University of Ottawa. 

Services for Sponsored Students

Student Experience

Sponsored students’ experience is our priority. The staff of the SSP aims to provide the highest-quality service through personalized support to students, in order to make their stay at the University of Ottawa as enjoyable and positive as possible. There is always someone at the International Office that would be happy to answer students’ questions and help in any way they can.


The SSP acts as a “one-stop shop” for sponsored students to obtain general information about the university and the city of Ottawa, as well as specific information about what services – campus, health, housing, gym and other -are available to them. Our office also provides guidance to students regarding procedures for UHIP and health/dental insurance coverage.


We are committed to facilitating students’ cultural and academic integration as a new student on campus. A special orientation session is provided for sponsored students before the start of classes to help them adjust to life in Canada. Our office plays an important role in enhancing students’ sense of school spirit and community involvement. Students receive weekly newsletters to inform them of enjoyable activities happening on -and off- campus.

Academic and Internship Placement

The SSP staff works with students to support their academic goals and make sure they are meeting program requirements.

In cases where students’ sponsorship undergraduate program includes a research internship session, we work closely with the Office of Undergraduate Research  to identify possibilities and secure placement. This internship gives students the unique opportunity to gain hands-on research experience in their field of study. The Office of Undergraduate Research is responsible for helping students throughout the placement process, from finding a supervisor to completing an internship.

Graduate students are responsible of finding their supervisor or research internship that is related to their thesis.

Sponsoring Agencies at the University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa has significant experience working with sponsor agencies, having welcomed students funded by more than 30 sponsoring agencies worldwide.

Important Information

Intensive Language Programs

Some students are required to take language courses before beginning their academic program. The Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI)  offers Intensive Programs that will help students achieve the required level of proficiency for their program of study. The intensive programs are often part of the academic path of sponsored students and the SSP works closely with OLBI in order to offer the best transition possible in regards to the language learning. In addition, certain summers OLBI offers an optional orientation-integration language program.

Tuition fees payment

Please refer to the Sponsored Students’ page of Financial resources for information about tuition fees payment.

Mandatory Insurances

University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP)
Greenshield (Health and Dental)

  • Undergraduate Students: SFUO - Student Federation of the University of Ottawa
    613-562-5966, www.sfuo.ca
  • Graduate Students: GSAED - Graduate Students' Association
    613-563-5935, www.gsaed.ca



Shirley Maria Lima Sabino – Science without Borders Brazilian Student

I am a geography student and I specialize in the field of physical geography. I arrived to Canada on September 21st 2014. That day I was very afraid because it was the first time that I left Brazil. I did not know what was waiting for me. Upon my arrival, the orientation offered by the University of Ottawa exceeded my expectations and really helped me to adapt to my new life as an international exchange student in Canada.

The university offered us all kinds of support for us to integrate well into the city of Ottawa. Teachers, in general, have allowed us to succeed in our respective fields and have shown great understanding with us international students. All of that without ever devaluing our capacities.

Also, the university staff has been present during the whole period of our exchange to help and guide us. They were always there for us and were able to provide solutions to the problems we encountered throughout our study period in Ottawa.

I am extremely satisfied with my experience here at the University of Ottawa, an experience that will allow me to become a stronger person and also a more qualified professional.

Sponsored student standing on her left hand in front of water and trees

Contact Information

Sponsored Students Program

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E-mail: sponsoredstudents@uOttawa.ca
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