Buddy Program

The Buddy Program is a volunteer-based program that fosters one-on-one relationships between Canadian students and international students at the University of Ottawa.

As a participant in the Buddy Program, you will be paired with a newly-admitted international or an exchange student who will study at the University of Ottawa. Becoming a buddy is an excellent opportunity to meet people from other cultures and to improve linguistic capabilities. The Buddy Program can also be a good way of helping with reverse culture shock as it allows you to share your experience with other students who are facing the challenges and joys of a new environment.

With your help, the international or exchange student will adapt more easily to new cultural surroundings. On a voluntary basis, you could meet the exchange student upon his or her arrival at the Ottawa airport, train or bus station and accompany him or her to his or her place of residence. You could also help the exchange student with the necessary administrative steps and introduce him or her to other Canadians. It is entirely up to you to determine the extent of your involvement with the exchange student.

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