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Country of the month: Germany

During the month of October, Berlin, Germany, transforms into a radiant cityscape of blue, red, gold, yellow that could outshine a thousand suns. Artists from all over the world come to Berlin and demonstrate their light productions on monuments, buildings, streets, houses and everywhere in the city, making for a very bright Berlin. Millions of tourists find themselves at the festival, enjoying the exhibition that is the city of Berlin.​​​​​​

You could be there next year!

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The International Office is very happy to announce the winners of the 2017 Photo and Video Contest.

  • Photo contest winners:
    • 1st prize: Jeremy Nehmé
    • 2nd prize: Olivier Desbiens
    • Voter's choice: Natasha Harris-Harb
  • Video contest winners:
    • 1st prize: Natasha Cloutier
    • 2nd prize: Asma Abdourahman ​​​​​​​

Thank you to all of the students who submitted pictures of their student exchange to this year’s contest. For more information, visit the Annual Photo and Video Contest webpage.

  • Are you interested in participating in a national or international exchange?
    Come see us at one of the mandatory information sessions. For more information on the information sessions offered, consult the list.

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