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All Hail the Dynasty

The Chakri Memorial Day is a national holiday in Thailand that takes place on April 6th. This festival commemorates the establishment of the Chakri dynasty by King Phra Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke in 1782. This king took power after the Burmese people attacked Thailand. The Thai fled when the Burmese destroyed the city of Ayutthaya, the ancient Thai capital. The people were vulnerable and needed a leader. Thus, the military commander, known as Chakri, took the country in hand and established a new capital, Bangkok, a city that has been flourishing for over 230 years! Chakri is the monarchy that has the longest reign in history! April 6 is a day for the people of Thailand to recognize the contributions of all the kings of the dynasty.

You could be there next year!

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The International Office is very happy to announce the winners of the 2016 Photo and Video Contest.

  • Photo contest winners:
    • 1st prize: Geneviève Martin-Lafleur
    • 2nd prize: Emma Street
    • Voter's choice: Chloé St-Onge-Shank
  • Video contest winners:
    • 1st prize: Kimberley Smith
    • 2nd prize: Yann Landry

Thank you to all of the students who submitted pictures of their student exchange to this year’s contest. For more information, visit the Annual Photo and Video Contest webpage.

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    Come see us at one of the mandatory information sessions. For more information on the information sessions offered, consult the list.


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