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Country of the month: Japan

The Best Way to Say Good Bye

The Japanese Buddhist celebration, Obon, is devoted to honoring the spirits of the dead. It is a time that many Japanese return to their hometowns and visit their families and enjoy the local traditions and festivals. Obon is a time when spirits come back to life in order to reunite with their family. Lanterns are put in windows to guide their ancestors. Some may release floating lanterns on the water to represent their ancestors’ spirits being sent off. 

You could be there next year!

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The International Office is very happy to announce the winners of the 2016 Photo and Video Contest.

  • Photo contest winners:
    • 1st prize: Geneviève Martin-Lafleur
    • 2nd prize: Emma Street
    • Voter's choice: Chloé St-Onge-Shank
  • Video contest winners:
    • 1st prize: Kimberley Smith
    • 2nd prize: Yann Landry

Thank you to all of the students who submitted pictures of their student exchange to this year’s contest. For more information, visit the Annual Photo and Video Contest webpage.

  • Are you interested in participating in a national or international exchange?
    Come see us at one of the mandatory information sessions. For more information on the information sessions offered, consult the list.

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