Do you feel like adding an international touch to your academic experience? Would you prefer working or studying abroad? What does the University of Ottawa have to offer in terms of international mobility?

It can sometimes be challenging to navigate through all the options offered and really find what fits most your profile. uORizons, our one-stop shop, enables you to come and meet with an International Office advisor to discuss the various options available and enable you to make the best decision in connection with your career goals.

Book an appointment with Sophie or Michelle by contacting uointl@uOttawa.ca.

Looking forward to pointing you in the right direction!

The International Office of the University of Ottawa - uORizons: What lies beyond your horizon?


Message board

The International Office is very happy to announce the winners of the 2016 Photo and Video contest:

  • Photo contest winners:
    • 1st prize: Geneviève Martin-Lafleur
    • 2nd prize: Emma Street
    • Voter’s choice: Chloé St-Onge-Shank
  • Video contest winners:

Thank you to all of the students who submitted pictures of their student exchange to this year’s contest. For more information, visit the Annual Photo and Video Contest webpage.

Outgoing exchanges

In partnership with the University of Ottawa's academic units, the International Office coordinates student mobility opportunities.

  1. Getting started
  2. Preparing your application
  3. Planning for departure
  4. Being abroad
  5. Returning home


Our office, in cooperation with participating faculties and academic unites, provides administrative support and mobility scholarships to students participating in accredited, unpaid international internships.

  1. Determine you eligibility
  2. Research your options
  3. Apply for internships
  4. Prepare for departure
  5. Stay safe while abroad
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