Partnerships and collaborations

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The University of Ottawa’s International Office negotiates and administers international agreements on behalf of and in collaboration with our faculties, departments and schools. The University has signed over 400 academic agreements with international partners from close to 60 countries to pursue collaborative research, student exchanges, joint academic programs and training initiatives.

Building partnerships and collaborations

International exchange agreements

The University of Ottawa aims to send 1,000 students abroad as part of our Destination 2020  strategic plan.  The International Office is committed to offering top study destinations to our students that are as diverse  as possible.

Our international exchange agreements (also known as student mobility agreements) further cooperation in education for students from the University of Ottawa and partner universities, allowing them to participate in exchanges for one or two terms. 

The International Office also supports partnering with institutions from around the world who offer summer programs.  This allows students from the University of Ottawa to take part in the host institution’s summer program and for the partner’s students to come to the University of Ottawa on exchange during the fall or winter of the regular academic year.

New partnerships initiatives should be submitted for approval to the International Office, as explained in the “Guidelines for International Partnerships and Agreements.”

If you have any questions about our international exchange agreements, contact Geneviève Boutin, manager, student mobility.

Joint academic program agreements and strategic partnerships

The University of Ottawa fosters innovative initiatives and encourages internationalization in different forms. Internationalization of the curriculum is part of our strategic goals. The International Office encourages collaborations such as:

  • Dual or joint degrees
  • Programs based on the 3+2 model, where students complete the first portion of their studies at their home institution and then complete the second portion of their studies at the University of Ottawa
  • PhD mobility
  • Faculty-led programs

For any questions about collaborative agreements and non-traditional projects, contact Janine Denis Gonzalez, Partnership Development and Project Manager.

Guidelines for International Partnerships and Agreements

To initiate formal activities between the University of Ottawa and international institutions, an approval by the concerned faculty dean must be submitted to the International Office. The faculty/staff member (or designate) initiating the collaboration should complete the Proposal for New International Partnership Agreement form and return it to the appropriate International Office manager for evaluation.

For additional information regarding specific agreements please contact:


Delegation visits

If you would like to visit the University of Ottawa in order to discuss the development of a partnership, consult our delegation section.

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