There has never been a better time to unite and to foster intercultural dialogue as we continue to share best practices and be attuned to new trends in international education.​








New scholarships for virtual international mobility

New scholarships will provide uOGlobal recognition participants with support for experiential learning through distance internationalization placements (or virtual international mobility). Explore the placement opportunities available to take advantage of this scholarship!

uOGlobal: Create your own impact in the world

The uOGlobal recognition will help you set yourself apart in the eyes of employers because you’ll be better prepared for working in a global labour market. Become an active global citizen!

CONTEST: Do you have an innovative solution to local or international challenges?

You’re invited to participate in the Sustainable Development Goals contest sponsored by the Alumni Association. The contest runs until March 31st. Act now for a more sustainable future!

Webinar May 18, 2021

Advancing Women’s and Girls’ Rights: Harnessing Technology and Innovation to Support Women’s Post-Pandemic Economic Empowerment

This webinar will highlight the importance of women’s economic empowerment in ensuring a sustainable recovery — including supporting women entrepreneurs as well as the education of girls — and discuss ways we can harness technology and innovation to advance this agenda.  

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