There has never been a better time to unite and to foster intercultural dialogue as we continue to share best practices and be attuned to new trends in international education.​








New scholarships for virtual international mobility

New scholarships will provide uOGlobal recognition participants with support for experiential learning through distance internationalization placements (or virtual international mobility). Explore the placement opportunities available to take advantage of this scholarship!

International Hour: Timely information to guide faculty and staff on internationalisation!

The International Hour series is an initiative meant to gather the uOttawa community with the goal of sharing knowledge and best practices related to our internationalization efforts. Find out more on upcoming events and join the conversation!

Medicine and Humanities International Summer Event goes virtual

The physical distancing requirements and travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have pushed the Medicine and Humanities International Program (MHIP) into unprecedented territory.

uOGlobal: Create your own impact in the world

The uOGlobal recognition will help you set yourself apart in the eyes of employers because you’ll be better prepared for working in a global labour market. Become an active global citizen!

Meet Sanni Yaya, the new Vice-President, International and Francophonie

His leadership has been shaped by important priorities: fostering global citizenship and training future leaders so they can develop an awareness of the world as a whole, supporting cutting-edge research and innovation so to address the most pressing and complex societal challenges.

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