What is uOCoach?

An International uOCoach* is an individual who has successfully completed a uOttawa outgoing exchange or who is an international student. uOCoachs volunteers their time and services by sharing their international experience.

With the help of uOCoachs, students interested in international mobility will be better informed about their host country as well as better prepared for their transition to studying abroad. With their knowledge of their former host countries and their training, uOCoachs can offer guidance and support to students who are planning to or will be going to the same country.

* This project is funded by the Government of Canada’s Pilot Student Mobility Program.

Laura's Testimony


  1. uOCoach Responsibilities
    • Complete a mandatory training
    • Answer questions from nominated outgoing exchange students
    • Share your experience
    • Follow-up with students when they're on exchange
  2. Benefits of becoming a uOCoach
  3. Steps to become a uOCoach
    • Fill the Application Form and the Code of Conduct by March 20, 2020
    • Complete the Online mandatory training on Brightspace
    • Participate to the training offered by the International Office
    • Register with the MJCGCE
How to get support from a uOCoach


Deadline for application : March 20, 2021


Q: What happens if there is no uOCoach who have been to my host country?

A: If there is no uOCoach for your host country, we can pair you with a uOCoach from a near-by country. Even if your experience will be different from theirs, the uOCoach can still advise you on life as an exchange student and coach you through your preparations.

Q: I don't speak French, will I be paired with a French uOCoach?

A: We will pair you with a uOCoach who speaks your preferred language.

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