What is uOCoach?

uOCoaches are students who have experienced living abroad and can help students who want to do the same. They promote international mobility by providing advice and sharing their international experience with other students (voluntary basis). 

Their international experience:  

  • international exchange 
  • international mobility  
  • uOttawa international students 

Why become a uOCoach?

Remember the questions you had before and during your time abroad? That personal experience is what makes you a valuable resource for other students planning to travel overseas. 

Benefits of becoming a uOCoach 

  • Playing a key role in another studentsuccessful international experience. 
  • Meeting exchange students who share your passion for discovering the world. 
  • Developing valuable lifetime skills. Receiving co-curricular record for your volunteering efforts from the Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement.   

Responsibilities of the uOCoach 

  • Volunteer your time (a minimum of 15 hours during the term). 
  • Participate in mandatory training (duration). 
  • Be available to answer questions from exchange students. 
  • Share your experience and offer your advice. 
  • Follow-up with exchange students 

5 easy steps to becoming a uOCoach 

  1. Complete and send an application form.  

  1. Complete and submit the Code of Conduct form.  

  1. Complete the mandatory online training (details will be sent via email).  

  1. Participate in the training offered by the International Office. 

  1. Register with the Community Engagement Navigator (via uOZone) 

Application deadline: Sunday, March 28, 2021, at midnight. 

Why reach out to a uOCoach?

Having someone with experience who can answer your questions and give you sound advice can make all the difference between having a wonderful experience and a stressful one. 

With the help of uOCoaches, you will know more about your host country and be better prepared for your studies abroad or your mobility abroad.  

Benefits of having a uOCoach 

  • You can chat with another student who has experienced living and studying abroad and shares your passion for discovering the world. 
  • You will make sure that your international experience is successful. 
  • You will have a contact person who can help you with any concerns and questions.  

Two (2) easy steps to get the support of a uOCoach 

  1. Fill in and send the application form.  

  1. Complete and submit the Code of Conduct form. 

Application deadline: March 31, 2022, at midnight.

If a uOCoach for your host country isn’t available, we can match you with a uOCoach from nearby country. Although your experience will be different from theirs, they can provide helpful information about life as an exchange student and can guide you in your preparations. 

Also, if you dont speak English, dont worry. We’ll match you with a uOCoach who speaks the language of your choice.  

A part of this program is funded by the Government of Canadas Outbound Student Mobility Pilot program. 

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