Delegation visits

The University of Ottawa coordinates official visits by delegations from international institutions in line with the University of Ottawa's overall international strategy and objectives and visits with the participation of senior representatives (e.g., President, Vice-Presidents, Deans, Ambassadors). If you are interested in a meeting that is narrower in scope (such as meeting with a specific academic unit in order to discuss a research collaboration), please visit our website to contact the appropriate unit directly.

Please note :
InformationThe University of Ottawa receives many requests for delegation visits. Unfortunately, it is not possible to respond to all requests.

Request to visit the University of Ottawa

If you would like to visit the University of Ottawa and schedule meetings with different counterparts on our campus, please read the notes below and complete the visit request form.

  • Notes :

In order to ensure a quality visit, we require four to six weeks' notice for a visit request.

During the summer (May to August) many academics are away conducting research and, therefore, they may not be available to meet you during this time.

Request to visit the University of Ottawa


Host a delegation

If your service or faculty is mandated to host an international delegation to the University of Ottawa, please refer to the sections below to help you plan the visit.


Collect information and evaluate the request

If the visit appears to be outside of the scope of your academic unit or Faculty and support at the Central level will be required, please instruct the delegation requestor to complete the international visit request form. This will be important in order to clearly identify the needs and desired activities of the delegation, and determine the appropriate involvement at uOttawa.

Gathering information:

  • It is important to collect accurate and detailed information early in the process to provide decision-makers with information that will affect the nature and success of the visit.
  • It is the responsibility of all universities that request to visit us to complete the international visit request form. This will allow us to clearly identify the needs and activities in which they wish to participate.

Evaluate the request:

  • The faculty or service evaluates the request according to the interests of its stakeholders and the University's strategic objectives, makes a recommendation on the opportunity to meet the delegation and suggests, if necessary, other potential participants from the University of Ottawa. For more prestigious delegations (government representatives, university presidents, embassies), contact the President's Office.

If you have any questions about the evaluation of the request:

Planning and preparation

Please visit the link below for a checklist of the steps to follow (as well as when to complete each step) when your academic unit or service receives a request for a delegation visit.



L'Université d'Ottawa a des tarifs spéciaux avec des hôtels près de notre campus. Lorsque vous réserverez votre séjour, avisez l’agent de réservation que vous voulez le tarif préférentiel de l’Université d’Ottawa:


Preparation of an invitation letter

Invitation letter:

To process visa applications from visiting delegations, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) may require Canadian universities to provide a letter of invitation.

Check the CIC website to find out what information should be included in the invitation letter.

  • Act quickly: As soon as a delegation's request to visit is accepted, check to see if the delegation needs an invitation letter. The visa application process can be lengthy; the faster the letter is sent, the more likely the delegation will receive its visas on time.
  • Manage expectations: In the letter, avoid making promises. It is preferable to use wording such as "discuss our mutual interests in internationalization" rather than "discuss a possible memorandum of understanding". Questions of this kind are discussed in person; we would not want to risk giving false hopes.
  • Inform key stakeholders: Before sending the letter, ensure that all the services, departments and faculties mentioned in the letter are notified of their participation in the visit. Not only is it a matter of professionalism, but in doing so, there is no risk of embarrassing the guests.
Welcome of the delegation

As far as possible, a representative of the University of Ottawa of equal rank to the head of the delegation should be present at one of the meetings, ideally the first of the day. If the University of Ottawa representative is very busy, a brief introduction and a word of welcome are sufficient to comply with the protocol.

As a general rule, the number of participants from the University of Ottawa should be approximately equal to the number of members of the delegation. It is difficult to apply this rule when the delegation is composed of only one person, in which case a ratio of at most 4:1 should be respected as much as possible.

Please visit the link below for a checklist of the steps to follow the day of the visit:

Checklist (day of the visit)

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