Our Strategic Plan 2020-2023


The International Office aims to become the pathway to international education at the University of Ottawa and to foster intercultural dialogue.


To offer our students an opportunity to benefit from an international experience that will enrich student life on campus.

To collaborate with the academic community to develop and nurture strategic partnerships that foster learning and engagement on a global scale.


  1. We support student success by continuously searching for solutions, cultivating a collaborative mindset, and striving for excellence.
  2. We value respect, empathy, and diversity.
  3. We are committed to innovation and sharing best practices.

About us

At the heart of internationalization, the International Office, in synergy with the academic community throughout Canada and across the globe, welcomes and supports students from abroad in an inclusive environment. Through partnership development, we create opportunities for students to enhance their international and intercultural skills and enable them to thrive in the evolving global labour market. To achieve this, we offer programs such as uOGlobal, the International Exchange Program, the Buddy Program, and uOCoach, which allow students of the 21st century to expand their skills.

Our Contributions: Agile, Connected, Sustainable, and Impactful

Inspired by the vision outlined in the University of Ottawa’s “Transformation 2030” strategic plan, the International Office is committed to contributing to the proposed achievements. To do so, the International Office will use a more agile approach to interacting with students and collaborators in order to efficiently achieve our goals and deliver an optimal customer service experience. We will contribute to an interconnected world by fostering relationships between the University of Ottawa and the global community. Through our new initiatives, we will implement sustainable practices in all areas of our operations, including the environment, our infrastructure, and our financial resources. Finally, the International Office will play an impactful role in raising the profile of international education and contributing to internationalization in all its forms on campus and around the world.

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