Our services

International mobility

  • Establishing, drafting, renewing and managing international agreements:
    • Student mobility agreements
    • Framework agreements
    • Collaborative program agreements
  • Managing mobility programs
  • Managing collaborative programs (3+2, 3+1, double degrees, etc.)
  • Managing the Teach Abroad Program for PhDs
  • Managing and updating the agreement database
  • Pre-departure and post-mobility student preparation and training
  • Managing international mobility scholarships and funding opportunities (AIMS HeadStart, Queen Elizabeth Scholarships, etc.)

Welcome, integration and support services for international students

  • Consultation service for immigration-related matters
  • Airport welcome Service
  • International student orientation
  • University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP)
  • Buddy Program
  • International Student Success Centre
    • Group of mentors responsible for different regions od the world
    • Follow-up throughout the term (newly admitted or monitoring at-risk students)
  • Contact with international students
  • Workshops
    • Career Development Program for International Students
    • Intercultural Communication Workshops: Learning Across Cultures  
  • Sociocultural activities
    • Orientation to Ontario (O2O)
    • Miscellaneous (taxes, finances, immigration, etc.)
  • English or French Intensive Program students
    • Simplifying the transition from ESL/FLS courses to students’ program of study
    • Opportunities for students to take a math course at the same time as their intensive program (in English only)

Sponsored student programs

Sponsored students have their studies paid for by a government or third party organization:

  • Tuition fees
  • Incidental fees
  • Health insurance
  • Living expenses


  • One-stop service for sponsored students looking for general information
  • Collaboration with sponsoring organizations including CALDO, the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau, AIMS and the Chinese Scholarship Council
  • Creating new partnership opportunities with third-party sponsors
  • Facilitating cultural and social integration, as well as sponsored students’ university experience
  • Working with students to help them achieve their academic and career goals
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