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The International Office is here to help. In an effort to control the spread of Covid-19, most of us are not physically present in the office. However, we remain available to help and answer questions digitally by email, chat, and video calls.

If you have simple or non-urgent questions, please continue to send questions to the appropriate email address. However, if you wish to discuss your own particular situation, or need to talk to someone, we invite you to contact us by Microsoft Teams to have a chat or have a video/audio call from wherever you are in the world.

All students have access to Microsoft Teams at . The Microsoft Teams app can be downloaded on Apple, Android, and Windows mobile devices and onto your personal computers. Students can login using their student uOttawa email address and uOZone password.

To stay informed, you can also follow our social media accounts: Facebook and Instagram, as well as LinkedIn.



Tabaret Hall, room M386
550 Cumberland Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 6N5

Tel: +1 613-562-5847

Fax: +1 613-562-5100

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