Planning your quarantine

The Government of Canada has issued an order under the Quarantine Act, requiring any person entering Canada to quarantine (self-isolate) for 14 days starting on the day they arrive in Canada.  

Starting July 6, 2021, there will be exemptions for fully vaccinated travellers who meet specific conditions.  However, all travellers still need to have a quarantine plan so please follow the directions below to make and register a plan even if you should be exempt from quarantine. 

You must have a quarantine plan ready to share with airline and border officials in order to travel to Canada. Please take the time to plan your quarantine diligently as your well-being and the well-being of our community is important to all of us. 

Note that the final decision on whether your self-isolation plan is adequate rests with the border services agent and public health authorities when you enter Canada. 

The Government of Canada is strictly enforcing quarantine rules. You can expect to be called by public health authorities and visited by officials to ensure that you are following your quarantine plan. Failure to follow quarantine orders may result in a fine of up to $1,000,000 or a prison term of up to 3 years. 

The Governments of Canada and Ontario in coordination with Ottawa Public Health have each placed additional requirements on institutions receiving international students from abroad that are not specifically mentioned in the emergency order.  Following the directions below will help you and the University comply with the latest quarantine requirements and recommendations. 

Before you travel

Registration in the uOttawa Quarantine Registry


You can plan to quarantine in your own home or book a University Quarantine Package if you do not have a suitable place to quarantine. Registration to the uOttawa Quarantine Registry is mandatory for all students entering Canada, even if you are fully vaccinated.



  1. Ensure that you fall under the travel restrictions exemptions and your trip is essential. Travelling exposes you to increased risk of contracting COVID-19 and spreading it. 

  2. Register your trip in the uOttawa Quarantine Registry.  The registry is mandatory for all uOttawa students entering Canada from abroad.  The registry will be used to take bookings for the quarantine package and to support students making private quarantine arrangements.

  3. Decide whether you will select a University Quarantine Package or make your own private quarantine arrangements.  

  4. If you are making your own arrangements, the University must review your plans before you travel.  Here are essential items to include in your plan:

    • A private quarantine location that is not a communal or group setting where you will be able to minimize contact with others not travelling with you.  It is especially important to avoid contact with vulnerable populations who are most at risk of serious effects from COVID-19.
    • Stay in a separate room and use a separate bathroom from others in your residence, if possible.
    • Demonstrate your ability to be self-sufficient by describing how you will access the necessities of life including food, medications, medical care if required.
  5. Once your quarantine plan is reviewed or you have booked the quarantine package, you will be provided with the latest information on how to follow uOttawa quarantine protocols including how to contact and be supported by our quarantine support team.  Just because you are physically self-isolated, doesn’t mean you need to be socially isolated.  The University community is here to support you.

  6. Pack the essential items in our quarantine packing check-list in order to self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms and to be self-sufficient without needing to leave your residence for 14 days.

  7. Make sure that you don’t travel to Canada if you have symptoms of COVID-19. Airlines will not allow you to fly. If you have symptoms on arrival, you may be denied entry or be put in a government sponsored quarantine facility as soon as you arrive.

  8. Download the ArriveCan app (iOS or Android) and enter your details before entering Canada.

While you travel

You must wear a non-medical mask or face-covering while travelling by air and until you reach your place of self-isolation.

On arrival

  1. You will be required to share your contact details and the details of your quarantine plan with government officials.  Some of this may have already been done using the ArriveCan app.
  2. You will be required to undergo a screening for COVID-19 symptoms

  3. Depending on the province where you first enter Canada, you may be asked additional questions by the provincial health authorities.

Transport to Quarantine Facility

  1. You must go directly to your place of isolation without stopping anywhere.

  2. Choose a method of transport that minimizes your interaction with other people.  Fly to Ottawa instead of using the train or bus if possible. 

  3. If arriving at the Ottawa International Airport:

    • Use Blueline Taxis available from Level 1 of Arrivals
    • The University may provide direction on other designated approved transporters.
  4. You must wear a non-medical mask or face covering the whole way from the airport until you reach your room.

  5. You should sit in the back-seat passenger side, keep the windows down, and practice 2 metre physical distancing always.

Arrival at Quarantine Facility

  • Inform the hotel, building manager or landlord of your arrival time to have them facilitate your entrance while minimizing the surfaces you touch and your interactions with other people.
  • If using an elevator, do not to use it with anyone who is not travelling with you.
  • Continue wearing a non-medical mask or face covering in the public areas of your residence.

While you are in Quarantine

Follow the directions from the Government of Canada and Ottawa Public Health :

  • Go directly to your place of quarantine, without stopping anywhere, and stay there for 14 days 
  • Do not go to school, work or other public areas and community settings
  • Do not use public transportation (e.g., buses, taxis).
  • Monitor your health for symptoms of COVID-19
  • Use the ArriveCan app to check in with the Government of Canada within 48 hours of arrival and for daily reporting
  •  If you need groceries, medication or other essential items, arrange to have a family member, friend, neighbour, or anyone else who is not in self-isolation do this for you. Have items left at the door to minimize contact.
  • Do not have visitors
  • Stay in a private place like your yard or balcony if you go outside for fresh air
  • Keep a distance of at least 2 arms lengths or 1 hockey stick (approximately 2 metres) from others. 
  • Limit contact with others in the place of isolation, including children.
  • Stay in a separate room and use a separate bathroom from others in your home, if possible.
  • Do not leave your place of isolation unless it's to get medical attention.

The following directions are specifically for uOttawa international students (including Canadian students selecting the quarantine package) as directed by provincial and/or federal authorities:

  • Check in daily with the University to report on any COVID-19 symptoms, positive COVID-19 test results, how you are following quarantine regulations, and if you need any additional support.
  • You may be required to test for COVID-19 during your quarantine. The details of how and when this will be done will be communicated directly by the University once you are in quarantine.   This requirement may be over and above the normal protocols for individuals who show symptoms. More information will be shared with you. 

In case of an Emergency or if I develop potential COVID-19 symptoms:

Follow the directions provided in the health section of our arrivals website.

After Quarantine

  • Follow the check-out procedure with the quarantine support team
  • Ensure that you are following the latest COVID-19 prevention measure in place by both the University and the City of Ottawa.  Take note of Ottawa’s Temporary Mask By-Law and ensure that you are COVIDWISE.
  • Install and use the COVID Alert app.  While not mandatory, using the app will alert you if you have been closer than 2 metres for more than 15 minutes to someone who has reported a positive COVID-19 test.  The app does not track your location or personal details.
  • Reach out to the International Office at any time if you face any stigma related to COVID-19 on campus or have challenges in complying with ongoing COVID-19 infection control practices.

Additional Resources


Here are some options to consider if you do not already have a place to self-isolate. We advise you to inform your host of your intention to self-isolate before you book as the host needs to be part of developing your quarantine plan:


Kijiji Short term rental opportunities are often posted here.


Here are some options in Ottawa for having food delivered to your self-isolation location:




Uber Eats

You can also do a web search for restaurants or grocery stores near where you will stay to see if they deliver.


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