Health Care Information

What if I get COVID-19 signs or symptoms while in Quarantine? 

  1. Take the online Ontario COVID-19 self-assessment. 

  2. Follow the directions you receive at the end of the self-assessment test. An on-campus assessment centre is being planned for those in need of testing. Check the University COVID-19 site for updates when this is ready. A list of other assessment centres in Ottawa is available here. 

  3. You must remain in quarantine for another 14 days from when you develop any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or are exposed to another person in quarantine who exhibits signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

  4. Inform Housing Service, hotel management, or landlord (depending on your location) of your need to self-isolate for an additional period. 

What do I do if you need other medical attention while in quarantine? 

  1. Call Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000 if this not an emergency.  A nurse will advise you on what you should do. For emergencies, call 911. Students can access care through the University Health Services 

  2. Register with Health Services.

  3. Book a virtual appointment. 

  4. Explain to the doctor that you are in mandatory quarantine and follow the advice of the doctor. 

  5. You may leave quarantine to receive medical care as directed by the doctor. 

Medical Insurance 

The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) covers the costs associated with the diagnostic tests and treatment of various diseases including COVID-19, once you arrive in Canada starting from August 10, 2021. International students registered for the fall 2021 term are automatically enrolled in UHIP.  

  •  If you need medical attention and access to your proof of temporary health insurance (RAMU / UHIP), please write to with the subject: Medical Attention Request. 

How do I get medication while in quarantine?  

Students should bring medication they anticipate needing with them. Students can call a local pharmacy to see what delivery options are available. Here is an example of one service which offers medication delivery. 

How do I get mental health support? 

The Family Health Team offers mental health services through the University Health Services. 

Visit the COVID-19 mental health support page for more support options.

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