Important! Immigration law

Conformément à la Loi sur l’immigration et la protection des réfugiés (LIPR), les établissements
d’enseignement (comme l’Université d’Ottawa) ne peuvent prodiguer de conseils sur
l’immigration. Pour des renseignements à jour, veuillez consulter le site d’IRCC sur la procédure
pour étudier au Canada. Si vous avez d’autres questions, que ce soit concernant les services et
les programmes d’IRCC ou votre demande, veuillez communiquer avec le centre de soutien à la clientèle d’IRCC.

Immigration Consultant

The International Office is offering a consultation service regarding immigration questions. Please note that the immigration consultant is there to advice on student-related temporary residence matters.

Questions on permanent residence or Canadian citizenship issues should be directed to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Ali Belbachir, our immigration consultant, is available to meet with students by appointment only.

You can book an appointment by email at, over the phone at 613-562-5847, or in person at the International Office, Tabaret Hall, room M386.

Immigration Workshops

The International Office often offers workshops about immigration. Normally, the immigration consultant offers one workshop per term about the overview of immigration laws pertaining to your temporary residency status. Also, sometimes different partners come on campus as well like the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program and the U.S. embassy to speak about getting a visa.  These workshops will be advertised via the newsletters by email and on our Facebook page.

Changing your legal status

Tuition fees at the University of Ottawa may vary according to the legal status in Canada. If you change your legal status, you must submit proof of your new status to InfoService in order to change the information in our database and to possibly qualify for Canadian tuition. Valid documentation must be provided, in most cases, photo ID along with a social insurance number not starting with the number 9 can also be used. 

If you are in the process of obtaining your permanent residency status, we require a letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) confirming they have received your application. For more information and deadlines, visit the page about rules governing university fees.

Travelling outside of Canada

Your Canadian study permit or student visa does not guarantee entry to any other country. If you would like to travel to the U.S.A, Cuba, Mexico or any other countries, inquire with their respective consulate to confirm if you need a visa to travel based on your country of citizenship. Find a Consular Office in Canada to start your search.

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