Step 2: Apply for summer program


The deadlines vary depending on the program. Please consult the individual program descriptions under the Research Where to Study tab for more information.

Collect required documents

Complete applications must be submitted at the International Office at Tabaret, M386.

1. Application form (PDF)

2. Approved preliminary course selection form (PDF) for your 1st choice institution

  • You must attach detailed course descriptions for all desired course, without which they will not be considered.
  • Submit to your academic advisor for approval and signature.
  • Once approved please include a copy of this form in your application package.

3. Preliminary course selection form (PDF) for your 2nd choice institution

  • The preliminary course selection for your 2nd choice institution must be submitted directly to the International Office.
  • You must attach detailed course descriptions for all desired course, without which they will not be considered.

4. Proof of language proficiency (if required)

5. Letter of motivation (download example letter of motivation) (PDF)

  • The letter (maximum one page) must clearly explain your academic training objectives while at the host institution. How does the host institution meet your expectations?
  • Elaborate on the program and the courses offered, the host institution and host country, the improvement of a language as well as the personal, academic and, eventually, professional experiences you will gain from the exchange.
  • The letter may be submitted either in French or English, and additionally in the language of the host institution, if applicable.
  • It must be addressed to the "Members of the Selection Committee" and it must be signed by you.

6. Curriculum Vitae (resume)

  • The Curriculum Vitae must be written in French or English AND in the language of instruction of the host institution, if applicable.

7. Authorization from the Co-op Office (if required)

8. Two (2) photos (non-official passport photos)

9. Photocopy of the photo page of your passport

10. Release of Liability form (PDF)

11. Non-Official uOttawa transcript (can be found on uoZone)

*N.B. Please note that some Summer Programs require additional documents. For more information, please consult the individual program page under the Research Where to Study tab for more information.

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