As part of its mandate, the International Office encourages the development of skills that are crucial for academic and professional success. Our office, in cooperation with participating faculties and academic units, provides administrative support and mobility scholarships to students participating in accredited, unpaid international internships.

Step 1: Determine your eligibility

Students who participate in international internships can be awarded university credits to be put towards their programs of study. These hands-on experiences teach students practical skills in a professional environment and add value one’s degree. 

If you are interested in participating in an international internship please contact an academic advisor at your faculty to see if you are eligible to participate in an internship, and if you can be credited.

Mobility Scholarship

Students taking part in an international internship may receive a scholarship of up to $1,000* conditional upon co-funding (50%) from the faculty. 

*For students at the Faculty of Law (Common Law Section), the maximum amount is $500.

Most internships offer some kind of remuneration which will help with costs such as accommodation and food during your stay.

Please visit the Financial Matters section of Step 4 to find out more information about the Mobility Scholarship.


Medicine Students - Office of Global Health (Faculty of Medicine)

The Office of Global Health supports and delivers educational programs within the Faculty of Medicine, including undergraduate and post-graduate curriculum development. In addition, the office assists the University of Ottawa in establishing mutually sustainable and respectful partnership with international partner academic institutions and NGOs. They aim to develop, manage and promote opportunities for students and faculty to engage in academic activities in international settings.

Any students in the Faculty of Medicine who wish to take part in an international internship (called an “Undergraduate International Elective”) should visit the Office of Global Health’s website for more detailed information regarding requirements, bursaries, and application procedures.

Social Science Students

The Faculty of Social Sciences has its own International Internships program.

The 12 week internship is worth 6 credits (9 credits for SVS students or students in the honours CRM with field placement program). Depending on the program, students can count the internship as part of their compulsory credits (ANT4010, DVM4010, ECH4010), optional or electives for all the other programs offered at the Faculty of Social Sciences. You can also get 6 extra credits through the intensive courses offered right after your internship (3 weeks Monday to Friday). These courses can count as electives or optional courses depending on the student's program.

For more information please visit the Faculty of Social Sciences website.

Co-op students

Opportunities found on this Web site may count as CO-OP placements in your academic sequence.  
Most CO-OP students apply for positions using the CO-OP Navigator, but some choose to find a CO-OP job on their own. There are many good reasons to go this route, from wanting to customize your CO-OP experience, to finding out-of-the-way opportunities in a highly competitive market. Whatever the reason, we want to help you achieve your goals!

Please book an appointment with an Education and Professional Development Specialist from the CO-OP Office if you choose to explore one of the internship opportunities found on this site. (See below for contact details).

Marketing yourself

When applying to organizations outside the CO-OP Navigator, you will need to create and send a number of documents including a résumé and cover letter (in Word format) as well as thank you letters.

Obtaining approval for your job

Once you have received a job offer, the position will need to be approved. Here are the steps required to have your job approved.

Working with the CO-OP Office

You must meet with a Professional Development Specialist to review your résumé, cover letter and thank you letters, and discuss your job search strategy. You will be required to submit a work search plan outlining in detail the steps you will take toward finding a CO-OP work term with specific tasks and deadlines. You will find a sample learning contract at the end of the Finding Your Own Job booklet (PDF).

To book an appointment with a Professional Development Specialist, please contact the CO-OP Office by email or by phone at 613- 562-5741.

Step 2: Research your options

The following provides an overview of the various types of internships currently available at the University of Ottawa. 

PhD Teach Abroad Program

This program allows participants to teach abroad and acquire experience outside of the traditional TAship offered on campus. This is a professional internship that creates added valued to the experience of future professors and researchers, as participants will be called upon to conduct work of a guest lecturer or teaching assistant in another country. No academic credit is obtained from this program.  


  • Ability to teach in English (a few destinations may also require candidates to teach courses in French or in another foreign language)
  • successful completion of  the comprehensive examinations at the time of participation in the program
  • preferable completion of the third year of degree requirements at the time of program participation

The annual deadline to submit complete applications is April 30 for participation in the Teach Abroad Program in the summer of the following year. However, applications remain open at all times.

Please visit our Teach Abroad Program for PhDs page for more information.

DAAD RISE and RISE-Professional

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers programs and funding to more than 67,000 students, faculty, researchers and others in higher education every year. Please visit the DAAD website for programs, scholarships and deadlines.

Undergraduate: Research Internships in Science and Engineering (RISE)

Graduate: RISE-Professional provides recent graduates, Master and PhD students in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, and Physics a unique opportunity to gain practical, career-building experience working in a German company for the summer. Undergraduates who are RISE alumni or former DAAD scholarship holders are also invited to apply. All participants receive stipends from DAAD to help cover living expenses.

Download Additional Information:


NOVA DOMUS CHEMEDPHO is a consortium of 9 European, 5 Canadian and 3 American institutions which is led by the University of Barcelona, funded by the Erasmus Mundus European Commission, and co-coordinated by Brown University (USA).

Research scholarships cover travel expenses (one return trip from home to the host institution), insurance (travel, health, accident), tuition fees (where applicable), and a monthly stipend for living expenses. Please refer to the Nova Domus thematic fields and Nova Domus FAQs for more information.

Type of mobility


6-11 months


6-10 months

Staff (professor, researcher, administrative)

1 month

International Research Experience Program (IREP)

The aim of the IREP program and IREP Summer program is to allow undergraduate and graduate students from TU Darmstadt partner universities in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to actively participate in ongoing research at TU Darmstadt while acquiring an insight in research techniques and methods in their field.

As one of the leading engineering universities in Germany, TU Darmstadt is ranked No. 1 in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science, No. 3 in Electrical Engineering, and has an excellent reputation in Social Sciences, Architecture, Natural Sciences, Civil Engineering and the Humanities.

TU Darmstadt is member of the bench-marking TU9 group (external link), a consortium of nine leading Universities of Technology in Germany and was recently ranked the most attractive research university in Germany for visiting international scholars.


Students accepted to the IREP programs are awarded the TU Darmstadt Scholarship of Excellence of €1000 per session (excludes IREP Summer program).

Ontario Universities International (OUI) Summer Research Programs

  • Ontario/Baden-Württemberg Summer Research Internship
    • The Ontario/Baden-Württemberg Summer Research Program is open to Ontario graduate and undergraduate students in science, engineering, and health science disciplines. Each successful applicant will spend between 2 calendar months (minimum) and 4 calendar months (maximum) during the summer at a university in Baden-Württemberg (southwest Germany) engaged in research projects relevant to her/his studies in Ontario. Participants must be citizens or permanent residents of Canada.
  • Ontario/Rhone-Alpes Summer Research Internship
    • The Ontario/Rhône-Alpes Student Exchange Program offers Summer Research Scholarships to Ontario graduate and undergraduate students in science, engineering and health science disciplines. In order to receive a scholarship students must be Canadian Citizens or Canadian Residents. International students can participate in the program but will not be receiving an ORA scholarship.
  • Ontario/Jiangsu Summer Research Internship
    • The Ontario-Jiangsu Student Exchange Program offers Summer Research Scholarships to Ontario graduate and undergraduate students. The scholarships provide students the opportunity to spend 4 months in summer at a university in Jiangsu Province, China engaged in research projects relevant to their studies in Ontario.
  • Ontario/Maharashtra-Goa Summer Externships
    • The OMG Externship Program is in partnership with the Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (VIT), Pune, India.  VIT has been an OMG partner since 2007 and many VIT students have studied at several Ontario universities as OMG exchange students. Depending on your preference or requirements, you may spend 8 to 12 weeks during the summer working on a design or research project at VIT in  Pune, India.  Pune is home to many multinational IT, automobile, chemical and other manufacturing industries.  Many of the projects you will be working on are from the industries in and around the cities of Pune and Mumbai.   
    • Design/ Research Projects in Chemical and Mechanical Engineering (possibility of other Engineering fields)

University of Ulm Summer Research Program

The University of Ulm is the newest university in Baden-Württemberg and its campus hosts the so called "Science City". While in Germany, you will complete between 20 & 40 hours/ week of lab work, but more time may be required and will be assigned to you by your supervisor. Please visit the University of Ulm’s website for more information.

Other internships

The above list is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all acceptable internships that are available to uOttawa students. For additional information on these internships as well as other research internship opportunities, please contact Dany Mercier, Undergraduate Research Director.  

Step 3: Apply

Please select one of the links below and follow separate instructions if you a student in:

All other students should follow the following procedures

Step 4: Prepare for departure
Medical Insurance

Before leaving for the host institution, students must purchase comprehensive health and travel insurance (including evacuation and repatriation) to cover the entire duration of the stay abroad. It must meet the requirements of the host institution and the University of Ottawa.

Medical insurance policies vary from one country to another. It is suggested to subscribe to supplementary insurance since some medical treatments abroad are not fully covered and the costs incurred must be borne directly by the student. If you already have a medical insurance policy which includes supplementary health insurance, it is useful to confirm the kind of coverage you have with your insurance company.

Letter to the provincial health insurance plan

Participants should inform in writing the health insurance office of their province of origin of their intention of taking part in an exchange.

  • Send a letter along with a photocopy of your Letter of Acceptance to the health insurance office of your province of origin to let them know that you will be taking part in an exchange next year;
  • Ask if you can receive confirmation in writing of the health coverage to which you are entitled while at your host institution.
Travel Documents


If you do not already have one, apply for your passport. Please allow enough time for processing.

Visa/Residence Permit

N.B. Start your visa process as soon as you receive your letter of acceptance from the host institution.

  • Contact your host country’s diplomatic mission (consulate, high commission or embassy)
  • Find out the entry requirements (some countries, very few, don’t require a visa)
  • Start your visa process as soon as you receive your letter of acceptance from the host institution
  • Diplomatic missions will ask you to present the original copy of your letter of acceptance; faxed copies or photocopies are not usually accepted
  • The visa process can take up to a month. Keep in mind that diplomatic missions’ staff take holidays during the summer
  • Be prepared to pay for your visa;
  • Don’t wait until the last minute - be proactive!
Mandatory pre-departure safety workshop

The International Office aims to ensure you have a quality academic experience in a secure environment. The Pre-departure safety workshop will provide you important information to help you have a healthy and safe experience at your host institution. The workshop will also provide information on what to do in the event of an emergency. Your academic unit will make arrangements for you to attend one of these sessions before you leave.

Financial Matters

Participants must budget for a number of expenses including some of the following:

  • accommodation and living expenses abroad
  • travel expenses (return airfare and transportation within host institution)
  • passport and visa costs
  • medical insurance
  • any other incidental costs

Mobility Scholarship

Students taking part in an international internship may receive a scholarship of up to $1,000* conditional upon co-funding (50%) from the faculty.  *For students at the Faculty of Law (Common Law Section), the maximum amount is $500.

Most internships offer some kind or remuneration which will help with costs such as accommodation and food during your stay.

In order to be eligible for a mobility scholarship, a student must be:

  • Registered full-time in an undergraduate or a graduate program at the time of the internship;
  • Ensure that the internship is unpaid and accredited within an academic program at the University of Ottawa with a minimum of six (6) credits at the undergraduate level.  For students in professional degree programs and master’s-level students, the number of credits required will be determined by an academic advisor;
  • Registered in an international internship for a minimum of eight (8) consecutive weeks.  For students at the Faculty of Health Sciences, the minimum acceptable amount of weeks abroad and credits will be determined by an academic advisor;
  • In good academic standing (minimum CGPA of 6.0), and satisfy any additional academic and/or linguistic criteria determined by your academic unit (completion of a minimum number of credits and/or language proficiency test may be required);
  • In good financial standing with the University of Ottawa, i.e. all outstanding debt to the University of Ottawa must be paid in full prior to submitting a scholarship request;
  • Ensure that the Faculty Request Form is completed and signed by the Dean, Vice-Dean or Director of your academic unit.

Submit your application form to the International Office at

Charron-Duhamel Scholarship for francophone students

The Charron-Duhamel Scholarship was created to help one francophone student each year who is studying abroad. Please visit the Financial Aid and Awards Office website for more information.

External Scholarship and Bursary Opportunities

Embassy Scholarships

We strongly suggest that you visit diplomatic missions located in Ottawa. In addition to providing useful information, diplomatic missions also have valuable information on severalscholarships offered to Canadians wishing to study in their country. Deadlines for submitting an application are often in early January and February. Therefore, it is important to visit the missions during the fall session.

Step 5: Stay safe while abroad

Make sure that you are aware of the resources available through the International Relations Office of the host institution to help you in the event of any difficulties.

After you have contacted the proper local authorities, should an emergency arise while you are abroad, you should:

  1. Contact the International Office at your host institution.
  2. Contact the nearest Canadian Embassy to inform them of your situation.
  3. Contact Protection Services of the University of Ottawa at + 1-613-562-5411.

Once you have arrived, you must also send your complete address in the host country to the International Office at the University of Ottawa.

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